Date: _______ Birthdate: ________ Sex : ____ Kitten markings ___________
Papers:  $_______ Breeding ______ Taxes ______ Total $__________
Owner:  Rhonda Baerwald
850 S Hwy 59
Sulphur Springs, AR 72768
Phone- 479-298-9898 e-mail

Deposit: $200.00 pet/$400.00 breeder
Deposit will be forfeited if you do not pay for said kitten at or before  their 8th
week of age, or you should change your mind about purchasing the kitten.
Pick up Date ______________I accept PayPal use add 3 1/2% fee charge.

Conditions of Sale: This kitten is guaranteed to be in good health at the time of ownership transfer, to the best of
the breeders knowledge. The kitten has its first shot of 4 in 1 vaccine.  The customer has a health guarantee of
one week from the time of purchase in which to have the kitten checked by a licensed veterinarian (at the
purchasers cost) and is urged to do so. This kittens parents are PKD DNA tested negative.  Should your vet finds
anything seriously wrong with the kitten it will be exchanged for another kitten of equal value of the customers
choice when available provided a letter from the examining veterinarian is offered as evidence of the kittens
illness that is a life threatening illness and is returned within the guarantee period.  No exchange will be made
after this period.   Transportation is not included in any returns.

Stress related illnesses related to moving a kitten will be the responsibility of the new owner.  My cats are in our
home and are treated as family but they could be exposed to various illnesses which are common to cattery's.  
Any kitten that should die must have an autopsy at purchasers expense to verify any illness directly related to
breeder.  Breeder will not be responsible for new illnesses after leaving these premises.  The breeder is also
not responsible for illnesses that are untreated by a veterinarian in a reasonable and timely manner.  This
does treat any known illnesses in a timely manner and kitten will not have any symptoms of illness when
ownership is transferred.  Behavior problems that arise after ownership has been transferred shall be the
buyers responsibility.  Call me if issues arise, I can usually give a lot of suggestions.

This cattery is ringworm free and has no carriers, ear mite free, and no fleas.

Shipping kittens is stressful, even though most do very well, some can have reactions to the stress, as an owner
of a kitten it is the buyers responsibility to treat as you would any family member. The breeder agrees to pass on
any information about this kitten before buyer accepts responsibility of kitten/cat of any issues with this kitten
that the breeder is aware of.  Any further expectations of this breeder will not be honored.  This cattery will not
be responsible for any neglect on the part of the new owner which may cause the death of this kitten.  

Final color of the kitten can not be totally determined at the time of choosing the kitten.  This breeder attempts to
give all buyers what they want, Silvers and Goldens coats change with the seasons.  I've had most go from dark
to light, but a couple times go from light to darker.  Once you choose a kitten either by pictures or in person,
should you change your mind, you may be required to pay an additional $100.00 non refundable fee especially if it
is at the time of pickup.  Most of the kittens are ear marked for people in advance.  This breeder refuses to bump
people out of their choice of kitten because a buyer want to switch at pickup.  You might have to wait.  Buyer will
forfeit the deposit of $200.00 of their purchase price if major problems arise. This breeder reserves the right to
reject a sale.

Should the new owner decide to re-home this kitten at a later date, please contact this breeder who will try to
aide the owner to find a new home or have the kitten/cat returned to her at the purchasers expense to re home
the kitten/cat and will relinquish any claim for purchasing payments of kitten/cat.  The purchaser does not have
the right to destroy or abuse this kitten/cat and will be punished to the full extent of the law!  

The seller assumes no responsibility on this kitten after leaving the premises for medical expense, mortality
disapproval, allergy to animals, or any other reason.  It is further understood that no warranty or representation
has been made with respect to sold kitten, except as set forth in this written agreement.  

Furthermore this kitten can not be sold to another breeder without this breeders consent in writing.  Breeding
Rights must be purchased and no breeding can be done without breeding rights.  Should there be any disputes
related to this kitten that we are not able to resolve, they are to be handled in the Benton County Arkansas court
of law.  

Kitten litter papers will be provided as soon as the kitten is spayed or neutered, unless breeding rights have
been purchased.


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I agree to these conditions of sale.

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Persian Kittens by Rhonda
Purchase Agreement
RB Cathouse